As for those who attained to faith and did righteous works and believed in what was revealed to Muhammad - which indeed is the Truth from their Lord - Allah has remitted their evil deeds and has set their condition right.   (Quran 47:2)

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Site Map [78 Items]

Introduction to Islam and Beliefs

Introduction to Islam
1. Understanding Islam and the Muslims [pg.16] (Ref:
2. 30 Facts About Islam [pg.6] (Ref:
3. Islam: Basic Principles and Characteristics [pg.5] (Ref:
4. Towards Understanding Islam [pg.86] (Ref:
Articles of Faith
1. Articles of Faith [pg.18] (Ministry of Islamic Affairs, KSA,
2. Names of Allah [pg.46] (
3. The Message of the Prophet’s Seerat [pg.11] (Ref:
4. Life after Death [pg.6] (Ref:

Accepting and Following Islam

Accepting Islam
1. Islam: Meaning and Concept [pg.8] (Ref:
Following Islam
1. Let us be Muslim [pg.133] (Ref:
2. Islam at a Glance [pg.185] (Ref:
3. Four Basic Quranic Terms [pg.45] (Ref:

Quran Translation and Commentary

Quran Reading [Arabic Script]
1. Online Quran Reading [Scanned Pages]
2. Completing Quran Reading in a Hijri Year [Scanned Pages]
Quran English Translation
1. Towards Understanding the Quran (Islamic-Foundation, UK)
Quran English Translation and Commentary
1. (a) Towards Understanding the Quran [Tafheemul Quran in English]
    (b) Display Layout 2
2. (a) Maariful Quran in English (Ref:
    (b) Display 2 (Address Link)
3. Dawatul Quran in English (Idara Dawatul Quran, India)
4. Tafsir Ibn Kathir in English (
Quran Study Guidelines and Resources
1. Is it not necessary to read quran with understanding?
2. Quran Structure - Chapters, Verses, Revealed Order (
3. Glossary of Qur’an-Related Terms (Ref: QuranComplex.Org)
4. A Survey of English Translations of the Quran (Ref:
5. Way to the Quran [Quran Study Guide] (Ref:
6. An Introduction to the Understanding of the Qur'an (Ref:
7. Quran Word to Word Translation (Ref:
8. Quran Vocabulary (Ref:
9. An Index to the Quran (Ref:
10. The Quranic Treasures (

Hadith - Sayings of Prophet Muhammad [Peace be upon him]

Hadith Collections
1. The Prophetic Way of Life (Rah-e-Amal) / [Scanned Pages]
2. The Provision for Akhirah (Zad-e-Rah) / [Scanned Pages]
3. Riyad as Saliheen (Ref:
Hadith Study Guidelines and Resources
1. The Science of Hadith (Ref:
2. The Prevalence of Concocted and Weak Traditions (Hadith)

Life Stories and Islamic History

Stories of Prophets and other stories in the Quran
1. Life Stories of Earlier Prophets - By Ibn Kathir (Ref:
2. Stories in the Quran - By Ibn Kathir (Ref:
Stories of Prophet Companions (Sahabas)
1. Khalifahs (Ref:
2. Companions of Muhammad (pbuh) (Ref:
Stories of Islamic Scholars
1. Stories of Islamic Scholars (Fiqh, Past, Contemporay)
Basis of Islamic History
1. Islam: An Historical Perspective [pg.7] (Ref:
2. Islam Today [pg.16] (Ref:
General Islamic History
1. The Islamic Openings [pg.89] (Ref:
2. Islamic History - Chronology [pg.37] (Ref:
3. A Micro-history of Islam [pg.16] (Ref:
4. Islamic History in Arabia and Middle East [pg.50] (Ref:
5. The Kabah: Its Size and History [pg.5] (Ref:
Future Events
1. The Signs Before the Day of Judgement [pg.49] (Ref:

Islamic Prayers and Supplications

1. Taharah (Purification) [pg.17] (Ref:
2. Salat - Prayer [pg.20] (Ref:
3. Recitations in Daily Prayer [pg.1] (Ref:
4. Recitations in Daily Invocations [pg.1] (Ref:
5. List of Supplications [129 Supplications] (Ref:
6. Friday Prayers [pg. 9] (Ref:
7. Eid Prayers [pg. 19] (Ref:

General Details on Zakah, Fasting, Hajj, Food, Marriage...

Zakah, Fasting and Hajj
1. Zakah - The Poor Due [118 pg.] (Ref:
2. Making the Most of Ramadan (Ref:
3. Siyam - Fasting in Ramadan [21 pg.] (Ref:
4. Hajj, Umrah, Offerings, Visiting Madina (Ref:
1. Fiqh-us-Sunnah [463 pg.] (Ref:
2. The Lawful and the Prohibited in Islam [269 pg.] (Ref:
3. The Islamic Laws of Inheritance [5 pg.] (Ref:

Personal Development in Character, Health, Wealth, Management

1. In the Early Hours: Reflections on Spiritual and Self Development [137 pg.]
2. Islam - The Easy Way [4 pg.] (Ref:
3. The Islamic Personality [70 pg.] (Ref:
4. Personal Planning [17 pg.] (Ref:
5. Self Development [38 pg.] (Ref: Adam Publishers)

Islamic Civilization, Achievements and Your Field of Work

Basis of Islamic Civilization
1. Islam and Ignorance [pg.15] (Ref:
2. Understanding Islamic Civilization [pg.150] (Ref:
3. The Sunnah: A Source of Civilization [pg.73] (Ref:
Achievements in Islamic Civilization
1. Islam: A Global Civilization [pg.25] (Ref: Islamic Affairs Dept., Embassy of KSA)
2. Muslim Contributions to Science and Art [pg.22] (Ref:
3. How Islamic inventors changed the World [pg.3] (Ref:

Spreading Islam to your Family and Friends and to Strangers

1. Witness Unto Mankind [pg.26] (Ref:
2. Road to Peace and Salvation [pg.13] (Ref:
3. Dawah Among Non-Muslims in the West [pg.14] (Ref:

Organisation, Social Work & Nation

Islamic Organisation
1. Prerequisites for Success [pg.35] (Ref:
2. Guidelines for Islamic Workers [pg.19] (Ref:
3. InterPersonal Relations-An Islamic Perspective [pg.53] (Islamic-Foundation)
Social Work
1. Islamic Social Work [pg.18] (Ref:
1. Nations Rise and Fall Why? [pg.22] (Ref:
2. Our Message [pg.22] (Ref:

Establishing Islam and Implementing Shariah

Establishing Islam
1. The Islamic Way of Life [pg.32] (Ref:
2. Understanding Jihad in Islam [pg.33] (Islamic Publications)
3. Human Rights in Islam [pg.25] (Ref:
4. Ethical Viewpoint of Islam [pg.22] (Ref:
5. The Process of Islamic Revolution [pg.18] (Ref:
6. The Political Framework Of Islam [pg.7] (Ref:
Implementing Shariah
1. Shari'ah - The Way to God [pg.17] (Ref:
2. Shari'ah - The Way of Justice [pg.20] (Ref: